Create a Thriving Studio Business Using Authentic Marketing.

Love your business!

This online program shows you how to grow your studio business through effective messaging that lets you stay true to what you want your business to look like and who you want to serve.


What Authentic Marketing for Studio Pros is About

This collaborative online course will help guide you through the process of how to create your vision for your business, find and attract your dream clients, and determine the best way to get your message out based on your goals for your business. 


Articulate YOUR Vision

Do you want to go big or do you want to stay small and boutique?  Get clarity on WHY you do what you do so that you can brand with consistency.


Define YOUR Ideal Customer

Are you trying to reach everybody and ending up with clients who are...well...not your favorite?  Determine who you want to serve and how to ensure that you truly understand what they want.


Nail YOUR Offers

Should you offer group classes?  Packages?  Memberships?  Create offers that attract and that let you stand out, even in a crowded market.


Communicate YOUR Message

Do you wonder why no one seems to know you exist?  Learn best practices for articulating YOUR superpowers to your dream clients so you become the "go to" resource for what you do best.


Recognize YOUR Local Opportunities

Are you trying to compete for the same market as everyone else?  Learn "out of the box" ways that can increase your reach locally that can create a domino effect of referrals to your business.


Build YOUR Digital Authority

Are you a little intimidated by the 21st Century Jungle?  Get a grasp on what's out there so you can determine the best place to spend your time, energy, and resources to attract YOUR dream clients.

Why I Created This Course.

Feeling undervalued, overworked, and drained at the end of the day?  You might be making some simple mistakes that are easy to correct and implement.

"I created this course because as a Pilates Educator and experienced studio owner, I found while new teachers were able to learn the mechanics of movement, they were missing valuable strategies for building and growing their own businesses."



Ada Wells, DPT, PMA®-CPT has over 2 decades of experience as a physical therapist, Pilates teacher and business owner.  She is an educator for Polestar Pilates and Oov Education.  In addition to owning and operating the ProBalance Physical Therapy and Pilates Center in Alameda, CA since 2004, she spreads her message of movement through her online memberships geared towards helping people feel better in their next 40 years than they did in their first.  She LOVES impacting people each and everyday!

Ada Wells, DPT, PMA-CPT



Easy to Consume Content

Each video module averages less than 15 minutes so you can watch and implement within your day without feeling like you have to stop everything.

24/7 Lifetime Access

Watch the course on your laptop or your studio or on the go.  You'll have lifetime access to implement and adjust as your business (and life) changes.

Get Feedback

Got an idea you want to run past us?  Collaborate and get feedback when you need it inside our private Facebook group or inside the comments section for each module.  

Course Outline

Most video modules have a strategic, actionable task that can help you see immediate changes.

Overview & Intro
Leaving Behind the Fear of Selling
What Motivates You (and your clients)
Your Purpose
Your Brand & Setting
Your Goals & Vision
Who is Your Ideal Customer?
What Does Your Customer Want & Why?
Discovering Your Customer's Desires & Challenges
How Do You Ask?
What Do You Ask?
Looking for Trends
Your Services & Offer
Your Customer Types & Messaging
Is Your Competition REALLY your Competition?
Positioning Your Biz & Services
Synergistic Partnerships
Start with Your Loyal Customers
Local Presence
Getting the Most Out of Local Events
Online Presence Part 1
Online Presence Part 2
Building Online Authority
Paid Advertising
Summary & Big Picture


Find answers and general information quickly about this course.

You don't need to own your own studio to be proactive about who you want to serve.  Many independent contractors need to generate their own clients so it's important to know how to reach them so they can find you.

It never hurts to take a good look at your existing business and take inventory on if it is energizing you or if it is sucking the life out of you.  If it's the latter, this course will help give you tools to help you love what you do again.

This course is designed to show you how to design and attract the customers for your business and gives guidelines and direction for choosing programming so that your business can thrive.   However, it is not a "how to" for the actual nuts and bolts of your business, such as accounting, legal, etc.   I recommend actually consulting your local resources on some of those issues.

As a student, this is certainly a great time to start thinking about how you'll get your clients once you finish your training.  Business questions are the first things new Pilates graduates start asking me about so it's great to get a head start.

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