Pilates Teachers:  Feel confident working with golfers.

You know golfers are great clients, but they have questions about how Pilates will help their swing.  You've barely even swung a club before, let alone played a round of golf.  Are you prepared to give your golfers what they need to create that body-swing connection?  Pilates 4 Golfers can help. Get Pilates 4 Golfers!

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Consume video modules from start to finish or just use the program as a reference guide.

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Take-Aways From This Program

  • Understand where & why your golfing clients need to have mobility, stability, & control so you can create more effective programs that will be in demand.

  • Develop more confidence in golf swing basics & vocabulary so that you can more easily communicate with and attract golfing clients.

  • Set yourself apart by developing an understanding of common golf swing faults and their relationship to your client's movement deficits.

  • Be able to utilize a Golf Fitness Screening Tool to guide the development of your golfer's specific fitness plan

  • Utilize the Golf Exercise Reference Library (Including mat, small props, Oov, & apparatus) - that cross references to the Golf Screening Tool to help supplement your body of Pilates knowledge.

  • Access BONUS golf mini-workouts to help supplement your specific exercise recommendations

Pilates 4 Golfers Online

Get lifetime access to this program with all of its updates.  This is our first "soft launch" of this product so as an early adopter, you'll not only get "first launch pricing," but you'll also be able to participate in the Early Adopter BONUS group office hours to ask Ada your golfing questions directly. Get our "First Launch" Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

While I originally created this program to be used directly by golfing clients, you'll find the explanations on the golf swing basics invaluable for having a better understanding of golf.

You can consume many of the modules in the order that they're presented from start to finish so you have a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanics and body requirements needed for success as a golfer.

There may be material that you already understand well that relate to the golf swing, but you may also enjoy expanding your knowledge and ideas on how to further use small props or other apparatus in the Pilates studio that you may not have considered.  Different perspectives and paths to the same end goal can be an excellent addition to your current knowledge.

PMA credits are not available at this time, but it is possible that the course may be updated in the future to contain the specific elements needed for PMA CEU approval.  Your purchase of this course entitles you to future updates, but I cannot guarantee PMA credit approval at this time.

Each module contains a discussion/comment section to discuss or clarify concepts that relate to that subject.  In addition, if you have purchased during our "Early Adopter" period either in our Pre-launch or or First Launch periods, you'll get 3 live group office hours with access to replays for a limited time to ask your questions live and see live demonstrations of the movements and exercises you may be asking about.

In its current format, this course is 100% online.  However, there may be opportunities in the future for supplemental live events or trainings to go more in depth with the material.

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Set Your Golfers Up for Success!

Golfers are a super-motivated clientele who love to understand "the why" when it comes to improving their golf swing.  They understand that the nuances of form can make or break their swing, but sometimes they don't quite know what they need to prioritize to ensure an efficient, consistent, powerful, and repeatable swing. Pilates 4 Golfers gives you a framework to help you assess and create programming for your golfers that has them feeling the difference and coming back for more!

Invest in your practice.

Golfers LOVE to tell their friends about how they're using the "latest and greatest" technology and methods to improve their game.  Help give them the edge and you'll start seeing their friends, spouses, and even coaches coming and referring to you.  A little investment now means more potential to create a high demand service that will help attract this fabulous clientele.




Get Pilates 4 Golfers!